[pgpool-general: 3258] Problems Connecting via AppServer

Anthony Presley anthony at timeforge.com
Wed Nov 5 14:35:00 JST 2014

There aren't any pgpool errors, and we continue to be very, very frustrated
with the set up.  It's extremely confusing to me ... because we've been
using pgpool for years (4+) without any issues.  Recently, in the past 2 -
4 weeks, we've begun seeing very strange problems:

A) While our same 3 computers / hosts can connect reliably, no other host
can.  When other hosts attempt, they often hang / lock up the pgpool
server, and we have to restart pgpool.  I do not understand why only these
3 systems can connect.  I don't believe it's a network issue, as I can
connect from the command line on any of our other servers - so PostgreSQL
is allowing the connections.  This is version 3.1.3

B) We set up a clean environment on a separate network, using pgpool and
master/slave postgres, and it appears that when Tomcat connects, using the
tomcat7 pooling, so that we are looking at:
  Tomcat -> Tomcat pool -> pgpool -> postgresql
We start having problems .... randomly.  Sometimes we can connect.
Sometimes we cannot connect.

The only errors I've been able to generate are the one I sent with the
earlier stack trace, and no error is present in the PG or pgpool logs.

I'm rather stumped at this point.

Anthony Presley

Anthony Presley
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