[pgpool-general: 2873] pgpool on app servers - how to setup the heartbeats

Attila Heidrich attila.heidrich at gmail.com
Fri May 23 22:40:20 JST 2014

Dear Guys!

This is just strange, that when I met a situation, like "how to setup
pgpool without the extra IP address", the list fills up the same topic
immediately, and without having to ask any question? :)

Just great!! We took a try using Azure, but quit because of the
restirictions - the lack of network transparency was one of them.

Anyway, my current question is:

Let's suppose
- I setup my databas backends on several nodes, they just run the
postgresql, at least two of them
- I setup a pgpool node on all hosts ever need to access the database
- configure all nodes for all the DB backends above (lets say I use pgpools
own replication)
- every application connects "localhost", which is the pool

Is it guaranteed the db is consistent all the time?

How should I setup the pools where I should have to tell them abount the
pgpool cluster, like configure other-pgpool, or heartbeat-destination?

Is there any limit for the number of the pgpool nodes?

How much network traffic should I count with?


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