[pgpool-general: 2861] pgpool children process in DISCARD state

Stéphane Bouteille stephane.bouteille at novigotech.com
Wed May 21 01:01:27 JST 2014


I’ve been using pgpool for while but I have a problem with it:
* Version of pgpool : 3.3.1
* Version of postgresql : 9.1
* Using hibernate and c3p0

When i shutdown my tomcat not cleanly (so connections are not well closed), some children processes of pgpool appeared with a ‘ps -ef’ command as DISCARD. Therefore, there are not available for allocation. How can I fixed it with a pgpool config or can i use pcp command to kill a child or is it possible to kill it by a shell command and then, pgpool recreate one ?

Thanks for your help.


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