[pgpool-general: 2809] pgpool 3.3 and watchdog

Joar Jegleim joar.jegleim at gmail.com
Tue May 6 17:54:08 JST 2014

Hi list !

So I'm closing in on my 2 node postgres streaming replication setup.

I've advanced to my 'next step' where I now have 1 pgpool running on
each of the 2 postgresql servers.
I'm using watchdog and pgpool's heartbeat .

When I stop pgpool from pgpool admin gui, the other pgpool instance
take over and bring up the delegate ip .

But if I simply pull the power cable from the master server  the other
server doesn't take over, it never promotes itself to 'master pgpool
instance' and doesn't bring up the delegate ip.
The 'non active' pgpool node then doesn't promote the slave postgres
to master either.

Is the pgpool 3.3 setup with watchdog and delegate ip  supposed to
handle such situations, or do I have to setup some other services to
handle automatic failover when primary node dies ?

Joar Jegleim
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