[pgpool-general: 2807] sql after an inactive psql session causes failover

Gary Fu gfu at sigmaspace.com
Tue May 6 06:23:28 JST 2014


We are running pgpool 3.3.2 with replication and load balance both on, 
on a new server with postgres 9.2.8 on two separated db servers.  We 
noticed that when we issue a simple sql (select * from config) on a psql 
session (connect to pgpool) without activities (idle) for more than 20 
or 30 minutes, the sql will hang for about several minutes (maybe more 
than 5 or 10 minutes) and then come back with a new connection after the 
pgpool failover.  During that period, there is no problem to make new 
psql connection.  We don't see the problem with an old pgpool server (on 
different subnet), same pgpool.conf, connects to the same db servers 
with different dbs.  I think it is the network/tcpip configuration 
and/or firewall issues,  but I'm not export on network (the sysctl 
command shows no difference between the two pgpool servers) and no 
access to firewall setup.  I don't know how to find out the real cause.  
Can anyone provide any help/hint ?


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