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Yugo Nagata nagata at sraoss.co.jp
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On Mon, 23 Jun 2014 16:33:35 +1000
James Sewell <james.sewell at lisasoft.com> wrote:

> Hello All,
> I have a load balancer in front of a pair of pgpool nodes (3.3.1), in front
> of a pair of PostgreSQL   nodes (9.3) which are configured as a streaming
> pair. I am running on RHEL.
> I am using another HA tool to manage the failover between the Postgres
> nodes, and the load is spread between the pgpool nodes with inactive nodes
> being taken out of the load balanced pool.
> Do I need watchdog in this case? I have seen reports that pgpool still
> synchronises useful information using this connection, but can't find what
> this information is?
> If I did use watchdog, which settings would I need in this limited case?

When watchdog enabled, backend status is shared between pgpools. 
For example, when backend goes down ** and when a pgpool detects
this and handles the failover **, the backend status change is sent
to another pgpool.

However, if you use another HA tools to protecte backends, you might
want to use DIALLOW_TO_FAILOVER flag in backend_flag. 
If you use DIALLOW_TO_FAILOVER, the backend status change wouldn't
be sent to another pgpool, since pgpool doesn't handle backend failover.

And in your case, delegate_IP should be empty since virtual IP sn't necessary.

> Also is there a pcp command which I can use to tell pgpool that a new node
> is master, but not actually promote it (this would have happened already)?
> Does pcp_promote_node do this when no promotion script is provided?

pcp_promote_node works as follow:

(1) This changes pgpool-II's internal status and set the specified
    node to primary. The internal status is used in online-recovery
    and loadbalancing etc..  
** Note that this doesn't control the backend nodes themselves.**

(2) All nodes other than the new primary are detached from pgpool-II.

(3) pgpool-II execute follow_master command for all the detached nodes.

As mentioned at (1), pcp_promote_node doesn't actually promote bacend node. 
However, please note that pcp_promote_node detaches all nodes other than the
new primary. You would have to execute pcp_attach_node to attach the nodes in
follow_master command.

When watchdog enabled, backend status changes by pcp_promote_node and
pcp_attach_node also are sent to another pgpool.

> Thanks for the help.
> Cheers,
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