[pgpool-general: 2917] Re: pgpool-II V3.3.3 will not start with use_watchdog = on

Yugo Nagata nagata at sraoss.co.jp
Fri Jun 13 11:19:20 JST 2014


pgpool for standby will fails to start when the configuration of virtual IP
(delegate_IP) is different from active pgpool. Could you please see if
there is any error messages in active pgpool.

If possible, could you please send me log messages and pgpool.confs of 
all pgpools. These would be helpful to resolve.

On Thu, 12 Jun 2014 08:45:32 -0400
John Scalia <jayknowsunix at gmail.com> wrote:

> Greetings all,
> I'm fairly new to pgpool-II, and I'm still trying to learn about all it's options, but my three test servers, configured as a primary with 2 standby servers in a master-slave 
> arrangement, have developed a problem. Pgpool-II starts and runs just fine on the primary database server, but it will not start on either standby if I have use_watchdog = on. The 
> log reports:
> LOG:     pid 23024: wd_check_setuid all commands have setuid bit
> LOG:     pid 23024: watchdog might call network commands which using setuid bit.
> ERROR: pid 23024: wd_init: failed to start watchdog
> ERROR: pid 23024: watchdog: wd_init_failed
> ERROR: pid 23024: wd_main error
> ERROR: pid 23024: unlink(/tmp/.s.PGSQL.9898) failed: No such file or directory
> I'm fairly sure the last line from the log is just a cleanup attempt which fails as the socket never got created, but otherwise, I'm not sure why this is actually failing. On rare 
> occasion pgpool-II will sort of start, but none of the child processes get spawned, and a ps -ef | grep pgpool yields only the:
>   /usr/bin/pgpool -f /etc/pgpool-II/pgpool.conf -n
> line. Now, if I can't get this resolved, what exactly am I losing by not running watchdog? Of course, I'd really like to have this working in its entirety.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jay
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