[pgpool-general: 2914] New installer (experimental)

Nozomi Anzai anzai at sraoss.co.jp
Thu Jun 12 14:39:29 JST 2014


I created the new repository of pgpool's installer which was improved a
lot from the current one.


Now I think it is just a beta quality, and I will continue to enhance it
for pgpool-II 3.4.

The files in new github repository are just for a part of the installer
package because there aren't RPM packages.

The new installer with RPMs (experimental) can be downloaded from:

Change log

- Move the scripts from pgpool-II's main repository(http://www.pgpool.net).

- A lot of enhances and bug fixes. Created prototypes by Nozomi Anzai,
  improved them by Yuta Masano.
  - The installer can install the all of pgpool-II's servers and
    PostgreSQL's servers at once.
  - Remove the restriction that pgpool-II and PostgreSQL are in the same
  - Recognizes installer.conf which users writes as they like.
  - Add error checks such as that the specified directory already exists,
  - Add paging while executing the script.
  - Separated one too long script into a short main script and some

Nozomi Anzai
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan

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