[pgpool-general: 2905] Scenario for PgPool

Felipe Mesquita de Oliveira femesq at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 06:38:51 JST 2014


I'm new to PgPool, and read the docs. Not too sure I've got it all, so I'm
asking to you guys help me understand.

Today I have a web_app running Django in one server (webapp1) w/ PostreSQL
DB on other machine (db_server1 - same network).

My intention is to have replication (and if possible also load balance).
I already have another machine with the very same configuration as the one
running Postgres (db_server2).

The idea was: Install Postgres in db_server2, and PgPool in both db_server1
and db_server2
Is this the way it should be? Which db_server should I point Django to? In
case the pg_pool server I'm poiting to goes down, is there any
configuration that can point to multiple servers?

Or pgPool should be running on webapp1?
My doubt is because I plan to have webapp2 .. webappN as I need to grow...
And in this case I'll have many pgPool services. Which would 'control' the
primary/stand-by Postgres?

Thanks for any help...
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