[pgpool-general: 3091] max number of connection - for more pool nodes

Attila Heidrich attila.heidrich at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 21:59:07 JST 2014


Sorry, but it's still not clean for me:

OK, I can count/plan the number of connections according to this document,
or a similar one:

But... it is not clean that the pgpool cluster is counted as one, or the
numbers are for a single node.

to be more specific:
pool-1 and
pool-2 are the pgpool nodes, with the same settings:

num_init_children: 48
max_pool: 3

and the same backend databases (one master, one RO slave)

There are a few apps on pool-1 and pool-2 as well, all connects its "own
pool" locally

Now how many connection can exists from the pool nodes alltogether to the

In other words: are the pools in the same "cluster" sharing the connection

Currently we are facing the problem, that after a while, when the app is
tested against many connections, pool connections just hangs, and never get
a backend connection to run on.


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