[pgpool-general: 3084] Re: pgpoolAdmin_update_error

oniesner oniesner at micromata.de
Wed Jul 30 18:41:35 JST 2014

 Hi Nozomi,

 I think, from the configuration point of view, it "should" work.
 I send you a screenshot from my configuration page.
 as you can see the screen shows update completed, but when i change 
 in pgpool.conf.setting it tells me "Updated failed".
 There are no orange coloured backround cells shown.
 I have no idea what went wrong.

 On Wed, 30 Jul 2014 10:48:06 +0900, Nozomi Anzai wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried to update your pgpool.conf by pgpoolAdmin 3.3.1 (the master 
> head)
> + PHP 5.4.30, and it succeeded.
> - Put your pgpool.conf into my pgpool directory.
> - Open http://{hostname}/{pgpooladmin_dir}/pgconfig.php.
> - Edit some string parameters and click the "Update" button.
> - "Update complete" was shown.
> Is the correct "pgpool-II version" in
> http://{hostname}/{pgpooladmin_dir}/config.php,
> or have you ever set the wrong version and fixed it?
> $ grep _PGPOOL2_VERSION /{path_to_pgpooladmin}/conf/pgmgt.conf.php
> define('_PGPOOL2_VERSION', '3.3');
> And, when editting fails, is there the highlighted parameter whose 
> cell's
> background color is orange?

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