[pgpool-general: 3077] pgpoolAdmin_update_error

oniesner oniesner at micromata.de
Tue Jul 29 17:52:14 JST 2014

 Hi, all

 I cannot update my config via pgpoolAdmin (3.3.3)
 It says "update" failed.

 In apache logs the following error appeared:

 PHP Warning:  Illegal string offset 'regexp' in 
 /var/www/admin-tool/pgconfig.php on line 239, referer:
 it fails at this function:

 function checkString($str, $pattern)
     // NULL is OK?
     if (empty($str) && isset($pattern['null_ok']) && 
 $pattern['null_ok'] == TRUE) {
         return TRUE;

     // regex test
     } elseif (preg_match("/{$pattern['regexp']}/", $str)) {
         return TRUE;

     } else {
         return FALSE;

 I am running:
 php -v
 PHP 5.4.4-14+deb7u12

 I already applied this patch:


 but the error is still there.

 If someone can solve this it would be helpful.

 Thanks Oliver

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