[pgpool-general: 3071] pgpool -m fast problem

Tomasz Straszewski straszewski.tomasz at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 21:01:08 JST 2014


Today I had some problem when i was testing watchdog mechanizm.

os: Centos 6.5 x64
pgpool: pgpool-II-pg93-3.3.3-3.pgdg.x86_64.rpm


1. Run pgpool on server1
2. Run pgpool on server2
3. Type "pgpool -m fast" on server1 to stop pgpool

After that pgpool on server2 is escalating to master correctly and VIP 
is bringing up. On server2 VIP is down but stop command is still working 
and couldn't stop.
Additionaly i can see after typing "netstat -tlnp" that pgpool process 
is still running.

Stopping process on server1 is running until i invoke "pgpool -m fast" 
command on server2.

Maybe some connection between server1 and server2 is not closing during 
stop command execution?


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