[pgpool-general: 2515] Re: black_function_list in replication mode

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Fri Jan 31 17:37:09 JST 2014

>> Works for me. SELECTs using functions in the black_function_list 
>> should be sent to all nodes. 
> It seems as if you need to drop the database connection after changing
> the black_function_list and reloading.
> Yesterday, when I discovered that the function call wasn't replicated
> because it wasn't blacklisted, I was using the psql shell. I kept that
> shell while changing pgpool's config and kept using it while doing my
> (failed) replication tests afterwards.
> Today, I started with a fresh psql shell and now everything works as
> expected! (pgpool was neither restarted nor reloaded in the meantime.)
>> What do you mean by "doesn't work" exactly?
>> Can you please show the query using "tal_clonerow"?
> The row cloned by "select tal_clonerow('sometable',15579);" function was
> only inserted on one random backend, as checked by using local psql on
> the backend nodes. Trying to update the new entry resulted in an warning
> that a different number of rows were changed on the backend nodes.
> (We're using failover_if_affected_tuples_mismatch = false.)
> pgpool log only showed a statement line for one node, but not for other.

Reloading configuration takes effect after changing session. It's
documented in the manual.

 Please note that some configuration items cannot be changed by
 reloading. New configuration takes effect after a change for new

>>> /*NO LOAD BALANCE*/select tal_clonerow('sometable',15579);
>> Have you tried /*REPLICATION*/ comment?
> No.

It's documented in the manual.

> Maybe the fact that changed blacklist configs will only take effect for
> *new* database connections should be added to the documentation?

Already there.

> Anyway, thanks for your support! :-)
> Karsten
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