[pgpool-general: 2494] Re: Help error code e1012 on pgpool II 3.3.0 while clicking Recovery button

Syed Irfan syedirfan_77 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 27 18:29:02 JST 2014

Dear Jeff,

       Thanks for your reply. As you have mentioned I have done two things first i ran the rsync command without the --exclude pg_xlog option then clicked on recovery the end result was recovery took 10 seconds longer to process but as usual on the third try it gave the same error code i.e e1012 & error message: pcp_recovery_node command error occurred.
The second time I deleted the pg_xlog folder content manually and then ran the recovery button the end result was this time the error code: e1012 popped up in 5 seconds with the same error message: pcp_recovery_node command error occurred.  
         Now in order to recover the failed node i have to stop both the databases manually and pgpool two to three times to finally recover the failed node as standby node.
         Please guide me how to resolve the issue the details of the system and software versions used are 
1) pgpool version 3.3.0 on 1st system(CentOS 6)
2) postgres 9.1.1 on second system primary(CentOS 6)
3) postgres 9.1.1 on third system standby(CentOS 6)

Thanks and Regards,
Syed Irfan.

Sr. Developer

On Saturday, 25 January 2014 1:47 AM, Jeff Frost <jeff at pgexperts.com> wrote:
On 01/23/14 20:30, Syed Irfan wrote:

rsync -C -a -c --delete --exclude postgresql.conf --exclude postmaster.pid \
>--exclude postmaster.opts --exclude pg_log \
>--exclude recovery.conf --exclude recovery.done \
>--exclude pg_xlog \
>$master_db_cluster/ $recovery_node_host_name:$recovery_db_cluster
So, is the $recovery_db_cluster on the replica node empty when the
    base backup starts?  It seems like it might have had some WAL files
    in it from a previous test.

I think because you're excluding pg_xlog, rsync doesn't process the
    --deletes on it, so you need to make sure and clean it out on the
    replica if there were any existing WAL files before starting

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