[pgpool-general: 2486] Re: Help error code e1012 on pgpool II 3.3.0 while clicking Recovery button

Jeff Frost jeff at pgexperts.com
Sat Jan 25 05:17:11 JST 2014

On 01/23/14 20:30, Syed Irfan wrote:
> rsync -C -a -c --delete --exclude postgresql.conf --exclude postmaster.pid \
> --exclude postmaster.opts --exclude pg_log \
> --exclude recovery.conf --exclude recovery.done \
> --exclude pg_xlog \
> $master_db_cluster/ $recovery_node_host_name:$recovery_db_cluster

So, is the $recovery_db_cluster on the replica node empty when the base backup
starts?  It seems like it might have had some WAL files in it from a previous

I think because you're excluding pg_xlog, rsync doesn't process the --deletes
on it, so you need to make sure and clean it out on the replica if there were
any existing WAL files before starting postgres.

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