[pgpool-general: 2466] Best pgpool configuration to divide cpu utilization

José Renato Castro Milanez jrcmilanez at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 03:45:26 JST 2014

Hello friends, how are you?

I have a big problem with database performance and need some help.

My postgresql server (latest 9.3 version, 16 cores, 42 gb of ram) have just
a couple of databases. One, in particular, have some heavy queries
implemented via procedures. When running with a lot of users (500 users),
my cpu utilization goes very high and the overall execution query time also

For better performance, I have a man already working on these slow queries.
But to be safer, I'd like to add more servers to reduce the execution
times. So, what´s the best approach for me? pgpool with replication mode,
load balance and query cache? or master/slave approach?


José Renato Castro Milanez
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