[pgpool-general: 2450] Re: DISCARD ALL

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Sat Jan 18 18:18:23 JST 2014

> I'm getting lots of processes with query "DISCARD ALL" which is using 50% or more of CPU on the database server. I have several web applications running on this but only getting this from the application that run by Drupal's

How do you major the CPU utilization solely for "DISCARD ALL"?

Anyway, "DISCARD ALL" is necessary to reset the session property to
default which might have been set to certain value by previous
session. Otherwise the reused connection accidentally inherits
previous connection properties.

> Anyone know why? Or how to correct the problem?

If you are sure you don't need to reset the session property to default, 
you could change:
reset_query_list = 'ABORT; DISCARD ALL'
reset_query_list = 'ABORT'

which I don't recommend, though.

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