[pgpool-general: 2439] Kind-mismatch on pg_locks table

Sam McLeod sammcj at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 07:31:49 JST 2014


I've setup a new PGPool cluster and I'm getting alerts for kind-mismatch on
the pg_locks table.
It is my assumption that the pg_locks table will differ between backends as
pg_pool manages load balanced locking.

- Do I need to whitelist pg_locks somehow or should I be worried?

Jan 17 09:19:53 int-pgpool-01 pgpool[831]: connection received: host=[local]
Jan 17 09:19:53 int-pgpool-01 pgpool[32637]: read_kind_from_backend: 1 th
kind C does not match with master or majority connection kind D
Jan 17 09:19:53 int-pgpool-01 pgpool[32637]: kind mismatch among backends.
Possible last query was: "BEGIN;SET statement_timeout=30000;COMMIT;SELECT
granted, mode, datname FROM pg_locks l RIGHT JOIN pg_database d ON
(d.oid=l.database) WHERE d.datallowconn" kind details are: 0[D] 1[C]
Jan 17 09:19:53 int-pgpool-01 pgpool[32637]: do_child: exits with status 1
due to error
Jan 17 09:19:53 int-pgpool-01 pgpool[628]: connection received: host=[local]

   - PostgreSQL 9.3 (Two backends)
   - PGPool-II 3.3.1
   - Replication and load balancing enabled
   - Debian 7, x64

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