[pgpool-general: 2376] Re: pgpool II clustering + replication - poor performance

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Tue Jan 7 17:45:20 JST 2014

> Hi Tatsuo,
> Thank you for your pgbench results.
> Is there any chance you could share your benchmark script with me?

It's already in my previous message ("¥set nbranches :scale" ... "SELECT count(abalance) FROM pgbench_accounts WHERE aid BETWEEN :aid and :aid + :range;").

You save the contents in a file, say "ro_script" then pass to pgbench
like "pgbench -f ro_script".

> I'm assuming it would require some sample data?

No. You can initialize the table by running "pgbench -i -s 1000".

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