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Dear Amupama,

Just my two cents, as long as you only had single physical server to
contain tomcat and pgpool, then option 1 is the best one.
Since HA (High Availability) conceptually counts about Physical Server
Disaster avoidance. then separating 2 PgPool instances but still share
resources with other apps like Tomcat is not meet the ideal condition of HA.


On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 7:18 AM, Anupama Ramaswamy <anumr_0123 at yahoo.com>wrote:

> My current setup involves a Tomcat Web Application on a Postgres backend.
> I need to have a load balanced / highly available application.  So I have
> setup postgres with streaming replication and 2 Tomcat server load balanced
> in a cluster. I have pgpool to load balance the postgres read-only queries.
> I do not want pgpool to be a single point of failure. So I need to setup 2
> pgpool instances. Here is my question.
> Of the 2 configurations below, which is recommended and why ?
> 1) Application server = Tomcat + pgpool ---> Each tomcat connects to the
> local instance of pgpool which load balances against the 2 DB servers. So
> when one of the app servers is down, the other will continue to operate.
> 2) Application Server 1 = Tomcat (active) + active PgPool. Web app
> connects to local instance of PGpool (through Virtual IP)
> Application Server 2 = Tomcat (active) + passive PgPool. The web app
> connects to remote instance of pgpool  (through Virtual IP). The local
> instance is configured as "Other PgPool" with a watchdog. This takes over
> only if the first instance goes down.
> Not able to figure out if the first approach has any pitfalls - 2
> disparate pgpools supporting 2 front-ends will cause any inconsistencies.
> Any help/ suggestions welcome.
> Regards,
> Anupama.
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