[pgpool-general: 2570] Re: PAM auth doesn't require password

Yugo Nagata nagata at sraoss.co.jp
Wed Feb 12 20:17:37 JST 2014

On Thu, 6 Feb 2014 18:19:12 -0500
Jeremy Wilson <jwilson at clover.co> wrote:

> I'm trying to get authentication working and I've found that enabling PAM authentication doesn't actually require a password:
> > psql -h db.prod -p 9999 -U dbaccess master
> Type "help" for help.
> master=> 
> I used the included PAM file but I get the impression it doesn't actually verify the password.

The sample of PAM file pgpool.pam doesn't require password. If you use pam_unix.so instead of
pam_permit.so, this will require the password.

> I'm trying to add auth to a new pgpool setup where we had regular plaintext password access to the database previously, so using something like MD5 might be an issue on the application side.

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