[pgpool-general: 2534] Re: pgpool on IBM zSeries

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Wed Feb 5 09:17:39 JST 2014

> Is it possible to run pgpool-II on IBM zSeries (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for
> zSeries)?

As long as it's Linux, there should be no problem to run pgpool-II.

> If not - is it possible to use pgpool-II deployed on some x64 machine
> to achieve load balancing of two PostgreSQL 9.x (streaming replication + hod
> deploy) instances deployed on zSeries? I would like to use an online recovery as
> well.

This is possible as well.

> I know that a streaming replication and a WAL archive replication requires the
> same architecture/version of database server instances. I'm not sure about
> pgpool requirements.

It's perfectly ok for pgpool-II to run on different architecure from
PostgreSQL server.

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