[pgpool-general: 2531] pgpoll failure

Gonzalo Gil gonxalo2000 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 00:38:16 JST 2014

Hello Tatsuo Ishii. I send some query mails to
pgpool-general at pgpool.netbut i don't get my own messagese. But i do
recieve other mails from the

Can you answer me some questions or forward them to the forum!?

I'm runing pgpool with streaming replication: pgpool1 - db postgres1
(server 1) and pgpool2 - db postgres 2 (server 2).
I'm using watchdog with a virtual ip and life_check_query.

It's all configured and working .... more or less....

INIT: I start my system: postgres1 is standby database and postgres2
is master (streaming replication).
pgpool1 has the virtual ip.(and pgpool2 no, obviously)

i connect to database via pgpool and everithing is ok.
i stop postgres1 and nothing happens because i check new_master <>
old_master (no master failure).
i start postgres1 again (and returning it with pgpoolAdmin) or call a
recovery and it works great.

I stop postgres2 and failover fires ... and i get postgres1 as the new
and so on...

this works fine.

i go back to INIT again....
and i do in server2
reboot -h now

i see in the server1 (pgpool1) log that pgpool2 is down...ok
watching the log, i see pgpool1 lost the virtual ip address (!?)....and
tell me to restart pgpool....(!?)

i restart it and i see that failover fires ... but in the failover script i
get new_master_node = old_master_node ...and thus i do not make touch and
postgres1 keeps as a standby...

I change failover.sh (and the command in the pgpool.conf). i include all
parameters to see it's values when failover.sh start....

Then, i restart serve2 and "return" database to pgpool....

again, pgpool1 has the virtual ip.
i stop database in node 2 and failover fires.... but pgpool2 does it....and
pgpool1 too (!?)
i check network activity and saw that pgpool2 connects to server1 and make
the touch and i did see log from pgpool1 firing the failover command too....

1. why pgpool1 lost virtual ip and ask me to restart!?
2. why pgpool2 fires failover? i thought just the "primary" pgpool (the one
with the virtual ip) fires it.

i hope you understand mr.
tks a lot for your time..
sorry for my english.
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