[pgpool-general: 2522] log help

Gonzalo Gil gonxalo2000 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 21:03:29 JST 2014

Hello everybody.

i have some issues triyng to get log from pgpool.

i was testing pgpool from pgpooladmin and i get log file in the path that i
especify in pgpool.conf.

1. i used to run it like this....

pgpool -n -d > /var/log/pgpool/pgpool.log 2>&1

in pgpool.conf i have:
logdir = '/var/log/pgpool'

and obviously i get the log.

2. now, i'm starting it from pgpoolAdmin page, and i still get the log.

3. when i try....

service pgpool-II-90 start

the service starts, it writes /var/log/pgpool-II-90.log (with an exit code
0) but no other log is written.

is this correct? i can't get the log when i run pgpool as a service??

tks a lot.
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