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Sat Feb 1 06:17:50 JST 2014

From:	Wolf Schwurack <wolf at uen.org>
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Date:	01/31/2014 03:10 PM
Subject:	RE: [pgpool-general: 2517] Re: Trouble creating pool_passwd

I used this command for pool_passwd
Ubuntu 10.4 pgool 3.3.0
As postgres user
 $ /usr/local/bin/pg_md5 --md5auth --username=joe -p

Wolfgang Schwurack
Database/System Administrator
Utah Education Network
wolf at uen.org


replication_mode = off
                                   # Activate replication mode
                                   # (change requires restart)
replicate_select = off
                                   # Replicate SELECT statements
                                   # when in replication or parallel mode
                                   # replicate_select is higher priority
                                   # load_balance_mode.

insert_lock = off
                                   # Automatically locks a dummy row or a
                                   # with INSERT statements to keep SERIAL
                                   # consistency
                                   # Without SERIAL, no lock will be issued
lobj_lock_table = ''
                                   # When rewriting lo_creat command in
                                   # replication mode, specify table name
                                   # lock

# - Degenerate handling -

replication_stop_on_mismatch = off
                                   # On disagreement with the packet kind
                                   # sent from backend, degenerate the node
                                   # which is most likely "minority"
                                   # If off, just force to exit this

failover_if_affected_tuples_mismatch = off
                                   # On disagreement with the number of
                                   # tuples in UPDATE/DELETE queries, then
                                   # degenerate the node which is most
                                   # "minority".
                                   # If off, just abort the transaction to
                                   # keep the consistency

master_slave_mode = on
                                   # Activate master/slave mode
                                   # (change requires restart)
master_slave_sub_mode = 'stream'
                                   # Master/slave sub mode
                                   # Valid values are combinations slony or
                                   # stream. Default is slony.
                                   # (change requires restart)

I still get this error:

pool_config: replication_mode and master_slave_mode cannot be enabled at
the same time
Unable to get configuration. Exiting...


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