[pgpool-general: 3364] Difference between Master and Primary nodes

Chris Beauchamp chris at chillibean.tv
Mon Dec 15 21:40:53 JST 2014

Hi PGPool list,

I'm new(ish) to both postgres and pgpool, but learning fast :)

I'm trying to setup streaming replication with pgpool, and doing automatic
failovers etc.

I've setup a mostly working configurations (lots of docker containers), and
a failing master will cause pgpool to promote another slave and then
re-direct the other slaves to the new master.

However, now, when I kill a slave, and the master *isn't* the first node in
the pool, I get failover_command called, but with the old and new master
ids set to the first node in the pool (which isn't the master in terms of
replication), and the old primary node id set the the second (which was the

I then end up with two master nodes, and everything replicating from the
wrong node.

Is this a bug or a feature? I guess I'm just not clear on the difference
between a master node and a primary node - the documentation doesn't seem
to be very clear, especially where streaming replication is concerned.




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