[pgpool-general: 3360] pcp_recovery_node sending 4 arguments while postgres expecting 3

Robert Kennedy robert at uwiniwin.co.za
Thu Dec 11 23:10:43 JST 2014

Hi Guys

I've tried to find a solve for this online but with no luck.

My setup is as follows, 2 pgpool servers running heartbeat (this part works great). They connect to 2 postgres servers. Im really struggling to get the recovery to work.

Im using the recovery_1st_stage script found on this page http://www.pgpool.net/pgpool-web/contrib_docs/watchdog_master_slave/en.html

This command "pcp_recovery_node -d 10 pgpool0 9898 postgres XXXXXXXX 0" renders this query on the server postgres1

SELECT pgpool_recovery('recovery_1st_stage', 'postgres0', '/var/lib/pgsql/9.3/data', '5432')

However the pgpool-recovery.sql that im using (pgpool3.4) is only looking for 3 arguments. So postgres stats the function doesn't exist.

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION pgpool_recovery(text, text, text)
AS '$libdir/pgpool-recovery', 'pgpool_recovery'

I installed pgpool from the RPM (if that has any relevance).

Any help on this matter would be appreciated

Kind Regards

Robert Kennedy
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