[pgpool-general: 3358] [PATCH] pgpool2 parent process doesn't finish if init_system_db_connection fails

Sadayuki Furuhashi frsyuki at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 10:18:22 JST 2014


I found that init_system_db_connection() calls ereport(ERROR) before sigsetjmp().
An influence of this issue is that child processes won't exit by themselves when init_system_db_connection()
fails and sending SIGTERM to the parent process doesn't complete shutdown process appropriately.

This patch replaces ereport(ERROR) with ereport(WARNING) + child_exit(1).
A trade-off is that pgpool2 shows a lot of "failed to make persistent system db connection" message to the log
because a child process exists immediately and the parent process keeps restarting them immediately.

Sadayuki Furuhashi
http://fluentd.org http://msgpack.org

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