[pgpool-general: 2800] Are both white_memqcache_table_list/black_memqcache_table_list case sensitive?

David TECHER davidtecher at yahoo.fr
Sun Apr 27 19:53:46 JST 2014


I am currently testing pgpool 3.3.3 and PostgreSQL 9.1

I have two tables global."MyProject" and global."AuditMyProject" (schema = global and two tables "MyProject" and "AuditMyProject")

I don't want my table global."AuditMyProject" to be cached

so I tried to add

black_memqcache_table_list = 'global."AuditMyProject"' 

But it didn't work...in pgpool logs I noticed for thsi table

query result fetched from cache.....

I tried several values 

black_memqcache_table_list = 'global.\"AuditMyProject\"' etc

But it didn't work!

Any idea
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