[pgpool-general: 2732] Error message on pgpool log Unable to parse the query

NATAF Jeremie Jeremie.NATAF at universcience.fr
Tue Apr 8 19:30:34 JST 2014

Hi everybody,
we used pgpool 3.2.6 with postgresql 9.2.4 on centos 6.3

A sql query print a error log with pgpool, when we executed this request directly on database server (without pgpool) , we didn't have this messages

the error on log :

Unable to parse the query: "select pla.PLA_KID as PLA1_38_0_, pla.PLA_DFIN as PLA2_38_0_, pla.PLA_DDEB as PLA3_38_0_, pla.PER_KID as PER4_38_0_ from plagedates pla, periode per, offre off
                                where off.off_kid = 1
                                and per.com_kid = off.com_kid
                                and per.per_kid = pla.per_kid
                                and pla.pla_ddeb <= '08/04/2013'
                                and pla.pla_dfin >= '08/04/2015'

Is there an issue for error « unable to parse query  »?

[Universcience : Etablissement public du Palais de la découverte et de la Cité des sciences et de l'industrie]
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