[pgpool-general: 2702] Re: OTRS

Csaba Ragasits ragasits.csaba at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 15:54:43 JST 2014

We're testing it with your suggested 0 backend weight in the slave. It
working fine without load balancing mode.

We would like to steer clear of the replication lag problems, that reason
we're using synchronous replication with remote_write level settings.  But
I see it is not enough.

Can You suggest us an useful solution?


2014-04-02 1:15 GMT+02:00 Tatsuo Ishii <ishii at postgresql.org>:

> Humm.. there's no error messages in the pgpool log. Maybe the
> replication lag? To make sure that if that is the cause of the
> problem, you could set the slave's backend weight to 0 and restart
> pgpool-II.
> Best regards,
> --
> Tatsuo Ishii
> SRA OSS, Inc. Japan
> English: http://www.sraoss.co.jp/index_en.php
> Japanese: http://www.sraoss.co.jp
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