[pgpool-general: 2697] pgpool builtin watchdog and order of the backend nodes

Attila Heidrich attila.heidrich at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 22:00:23 JST 2014


Just a simple question:

Is the order of the nodes important for the pgpool cluster-members?
I guess the answer is no, since only one pool member will be active at any
time, the only important is to enumerate all the backends for all the pool

But still I would like to know.

Currently I use localhost as backend0 for all the nodes, and enumerate all
other backends in some order starting from backend1.
The configs are generated from data tables (called pillars) by saltstack,
currently I do not specify any order.

The only strange thing is, that running pcp_node_info gives different
result for the same node number on all members.

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