[pgpool-general: 2160] pgpool is taking wrong node for a master

Armin Nesiren armin.nesiren at intera.si
Wed Sep 25 21:14:18 JST 2013


i have a little problem, or scenario that is happening and that I want to

Here is scenario:

I have two nodes named node1, and node2. node1 is primary, node2 is standby.

- node1 fails
- pgpool promote node2 to primary
- i restart pgpool service for whatever reason
- pgpool is taking old primary (node1),to be primary again, even last state
was that node2 is primary
- pgpool is working with node1 as primary for some time, with old data

After this,it is hard to check which node have newer data, and its hart not
to lose one piece of data.

How it is possible that pgpool take node1 as primary even if last state was
that node2 was primary?

What is the best practice for this kind of situation?

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