[pgpool-general: 2151] Re: Missuse in pgpool documents

Andrew Bruce andrew.bruce at hslmobile.com
Mon Sep 23 17:46:47 JST 2013

> Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2013 10:33:35 +0900 (JST)
> From: Tatsuo Ishii <ishii at postgresql.org>
> Subject: [pgpool-general: 2146] Missuse in pgpool documents
> Hi,
> I think the word "degeneration" used pgpool-II doc is a plain
> misue.
> Which one is most appropreate? Opinions and comments are welcome.

Hi Tatsuo,

I suspect that most occurrences of ‘degenerate’ you could replace the word 
with ‘failed’ in the case that it is an adjective, or ‘detach’ or 'fail-over' 
where it is being used as a verb. A couple of examples below.

In the "Failover in Replication Mode” section, you could consider changing the 
wording from:

"pgpool-II degenerates a dead backend and continues the service. The service 
can be continued if there is at least one backend alive.”


"pgpool-II detaches a dead backend from the pool, maintaining the database 
service via the remaining backends provided that there is at least one healthy 

The section following ("Specific errors in replication mode”), replace the word 
‘degeneration’ with ‘fail-over’.

In the logging, it’s probably better to replace ‘degenerate’ with 'failed'.

To an English speaker, the use of the word ‘degenerate’ is not entirely 
incorrect, and the overall meaning that you are trying to convey is certainly 
understood, though, you are correct, it’s not absolutely accurate...


Andy Bruce

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