[pgpool-general: 2103] Re: pgpool-regclass No such file or directory

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Wed Sep 4 09:41:18 JST 2013

> Hi Tatsuo.
> I am experiencing following message in the pgpool.log file:
> do_query: error message from backend: could not access file
> "$libdir/pgpool-regclass": No such file or directory. Exit this session.
> I know the Pgool cannot find regclass libraries or cannot access it. How can
> I determine where does Pgpool-II expect to have these libraries?

pgpool-regclass is a user defined PostgreSQL function and "$libdir" is
controled by your PostgreSQL installtion, not by pgpool-II. To find
out where $libdir actually points to, you can use:

pg_config --libdir
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