[pgpool-general: 2211] Pgpool2 3.3.0: idle connections

Sergey Arlashin sergeyarl.maillist at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 16:33:47 JST 2013


I have the following setup: 1 pgpool2 server with 2 postgresql 9.2 backends with streaming replication.

Recently I've noticed a strange thing - the number of idle pgpool connections on pgpool2 server is very low. Like 
# ps uax |grep -i pgpool | grep -i idle | wc -l

And the number of idle postgresql connections on backends is much higher 
1st-backend# ps uax |grep -i postgres |grep -i idle | wc -l

2nd-backend# ps uax |grep -i postgres |grep -i idle | wc -l

Also I see a lot of tcp ESTABLISHED connections from pgpool server to postgresql backends.  

Could you please explain this behaviour?

Thanks in advance

Sergey Arlashin

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