[pgpool-general: 2186] Re: query logging with usernames?

Graham graham at riseup.net
Fri Oct 11 19:51:12 JST 2013


Thanks for your response -- if this functionality could be added I think
it could be quite useful.  Do you think it's possible that it might be
available in the next release?


> Hello,
> I'm fairly new to pgpool, and I realize that I'm probably using it
> differently than most people do -- I'm interested in using it for logging
> and compliance purposes.
> I know that PostgreSQL makes it possible to log queries with usernames.
> Is it possible to do this with pgpool?  As far as I can tell, it's
> possible to log connections by username, but not individual queries.  Any
> advice would be appreciated.

Currently no. It's fairly easy to add that functionality however. The
reason why it has not existed until today is, just nobody requested
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