[pgpool-general: 2175] Is possible to promote a node to master more than one time?

Lorenzin, Gianluca gianluca.lorenzin at midasolutions.com
Tue Oct 8 18:25:28 JST 2013

I have this configuration with pgpool: "Host-1" master and "Host-2" slave,
if "Host-1" go down, pgpool correctly promotes "Host-2" to be the master;
but then if "Host-1" return up, pgpool is not aware of this and, if
"Host-2" go down, pgpool doesn't promote "Host-1" to be the master even if
"Host-1" is online. I enabled health_check but it seems completely useless,
because the state of "Host-1" (after it becomes up) is always 3="Node is

Is it possible to do something like round-robin with backends?
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