[pgpool-general: 2290] Re: [pgpool-hackers: 406] Obosoleting parallel query

Guillaume Lelarge guillaume at lelarge.info
Fri Nov 15 16:56:33 JST 2013


On Fri, 2013-11-15 at 14:17 +0900, Tatsuo Ishii wrote:
> [...}
> I'm thinking about a future road map of pgpool-II and there's one
> thing that I would like to remove, rather than add: parallel query.
> The reason I would like to obsolete parallel query is:
> 1) very few users
> 2) it has severe restrictions such as certain queries cannot be used,
>    nor in extended protocol (i.e. JDBC)
> 3) nobody want to work on this
> 4) pain to upgrade to newer version of PostgreSQL's SQL parser (yes,
>    pgpool-II uses PostgreSQL's parser code).
> In short, parallel query gives us small gain comparing with the work
> needed to maintain/enhance. So I would like to obsolete parallel query
> in the future pgpool-II release.
> Opinions?

Totally agree. pgpool has way too many features. I have no customers and
know of no users using the parallel query capacity of pgpool.

So, +1 to get rid of it.


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