[pgpool-general: 2237] pgpool 3.3.1 replicate setup with 3 nodes

Videanu Adrian videanuadrian at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 6 23:08:05 JST 2013

Hi all,

I have a pgpool 3.3.1 with 3 postgresql 9.2 backends.
 The pgpool is configured as : [ mode ]
    Replication Mode
 / Load Balance Mode / Watchdog On

I have a problem when I use online recovery for one of the nodes.

1. The 3rd node failed.
2. Pgpool detects the failure and present the node as down. (everything is ok)
3. I press recovery from pgpadmin and the recovery script starts.
4. The 3rd node is back online, but the sequence for this node and the 1st node are incremented by 1 regarding the 2nd node.
Because of this nothing works because i get a kind mismatch between nodes.

Does replication setup works for more than 2 nodes and if yes how should i perform online recovery.

PS. I use PITR.

Adrian Videanu
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