[pgpool-general: 1800] wd_init: failed to start watchdog

Rene Romero Benavides rene.romero.b at gmail.com
Thu May 30 06:03:51 JST 2013

Hello, and thanks for your attention.

I'm getting this error while trying to setup two pgpool instances with
watchdogs enabled and pgpool wont start untill I disable the watchdog on
the second instance I try to initiate.

Fedora18 x86_64 pgpool-II 3.2.4

Startup log on the first instance (A) that runs successfuly included the wd

pgpool processes on A:

A brings up the virtual interface with no problem.

listening addresses on A:
[root at athena etc]# netstat -atpn | grep pool
tcp        0      0  *
LISTEN      29992/pgpool
tcp        0      0  *
LISTEN      29997/pgpool: watch
tcp        0      0  *
LISTEN      29992/pgpool

Log on the second pgpool instance (B) where the wd fails to start:

Any idea on what's going on? Do you need more info to help me out? Thanks

Greetings from Mexico.
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