[pgpool-general: 1789] Replication and JDBC, problem when writting data

Stelios Limnaios stelios.limnaios at mekon.com
Tue May 28 22:30:14 JST 2013

Hi all,

I'm kindly asking for some help.

We have a PGPool setup with 2 Postgres.
We enabled Master/Slave stream replication + Online recovery.
We also have a Java (j2ee) application that connects via JDBC  to PGPool.
All these work fine and our application reads and writes data with no problem.

Now, we are interested on moving from Master/Slave to Replication.
In the above setup we tried to disable Master/Slave and enable Replication.
Our Java application can successfully read data from PGPool, but something goes wrong when it tries to write data.
Something hangs in PGPool and it doesn't allow the process to complete.
Java doesn't log any exceptions, neither Postgres logs (on both backends).
In PGPool log we don't see something with error on it, but there a few strange messages.
For this, I have attached PGPool log, maybe someone could understand what goes wrong?
Also, when this happens we cannot stop PGPool, until we kill some processes manually:
If we run
ps aux | grep psql
we see many processes running, but we distinguish these
pgpool: postgres pgv2a localhost.localdomain(36791) idle
pgpool: postgres pgv2a localhost.localdomain(36781) idle
pgpool: postgres pgv2a localhost.localdomain(36883) idle
pgpool: postgres pgv2a localhost.localdomain(36536) idle
pgpool: postgres pgv2a localhost.localdomain(36685) idle in transaction
pgpool: postgres pgv2a localhost.localdomain(36897) idle
pgpool: postgres pgv2a localhost.localdomain(38356) idle
that we have to kill manually.

I've also attached pgpool.conf.
We're using pgpool 3.2.3, postgres 9.1, pgpooladmin 3.2.0 and the server is Centos 6.2 (SELinux disabled).

Anyone could explain why Master/Slave works fine, but Replication not?
Any help is much appreciated.

Stelios Limnaios
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