[pgpool-general: 1779] Master-Slave, load bancing and memory cache questions

Toni Mas toni.mas at uib.es
Mon May 27 20:27:59 JST 2013


We have experimented an abnormal situation when set on memory cache. We 
have configured PgPool 3.2.3 version, in master-slave mode and disabled 
load balancing.
I understand reading the documentation, if we have set on master-slave 
mode, although load balancing parameter was disabled, it has no effect, 
and Pgpool applied load query balancing. This is true?

Agree, the configuration set master-slave mode with stream replication, 
and load balancing set off. The abnormal situation appears when I have 
set on or off memory cache. If we have disabled memory cache, Pgpool no 
applied load query balancing. In otherwise, when memory cache is 
enabled, PgPool applied load query balancing. This is normal situation, 
or there may be an bug?



Toni Mas
Universitat de les Illes Balears
Ctra. Valldemossa Km 7,5
971 17 27 21

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