[pgpool-general: 1720] Re: Problems running jdbc testsuite

Christoph Berg myon+oss.postgresql at df7cb.de
Mon May 13 14:13:37 JST 2013

Re: Tatsuo Ishii 2013-05-12 <20130513.090827.1288036071461111568.t-ishii at sraoss.co.jp>
> One thing I noticed was in the default pgpool.conf.sample, there is a line
> backend_hostname1 = 'host2'
> This makes pgpool do fail over if there's no host "host2" and you have
> only one valid backend. I just commented out the line and everything
> seems works ok.  I'm going to comment out the line above in git
> repository.

I digged a bit more into this, and the reason seems to be that I
didn't have /usr/share/postgresql/9.1/contrib/pgpool-regclass.sql
loaded into the database. With that, the tests run through, otherwise
it gets stuck in this query:

SELECT count(*) FROM pg_catalog.pg_proc AS p WHERE
p.proname = 'pgpool_regclass' AND has_function_privilege('postgres',
'pgpool_regclass(cstring)', 'execute')

... which returns an error when run interactively, but when run from
the test driver, it looks like the result is never fetched. (In 9.2,
the query remains in "active" state in pg_stat_activity, but doesn't
consume any CPU anymore.)

This seems to be a change from the previous pgpool version where I
didn't load the file either, but the tests ran through.

I'll add the loading of the file to my test script, but it might make
sense if someone looked into why this isn't failing with a meaningful
error message.

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