[pgpool-general: 1701] poor performance w/ pgpool

Kyle O'Donnell kyleo at 0b10.mx
Wed May 8 23:09:20 JST 2013


I haven't had a chance to put any performance monitoring in place but I can say for certain that my application is unable to keep up with our expected load when I use pgpool.  If I point the application directly to postgres we are able to process the expected load. 

Here is the setup

primary pgpool
primary postgres

backup pgpool
async streaming replication postgres

num_init_children = 100
max_pool = 9 
postgres max set to 1000

(load balance mode turned off, watchdog enabled)

client (jdbc) is doing 100% writes 0% reads its doing ~1000 inserts per second.

I am going to start putting in more monitoring right now, but has anyone else seen this?  Are there tweaks to pgpool I should be making?


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