[pgpool-general: 1682] pgpool watchdog and num_init_children

manphis chen cs.manphis at gmail.com
Mon May 6 16:45:14 JST 2013

Dear Sir,

My question and assumption are listed below:
system architecture: 2 pgpools (pgpool A and pgpool B) and 2 postgres
servers; each pgpool connects to both 2 postgres servers; watchdog of each
pgpool is ON.

num_init_children = 3 (pgpool A)

Question: when all 3 children (process) on pgpool A are occupied by some
clients, can watchdog on pgpool B use "Select 1" to access pgpool A?

I found that the watchdog on pgpool B seems cannot access pgpool A, because
all the processes are occupied.

But in config file, watchdog uses different port (default is 9000) to
listen the other watchdog.

So I am confused.

Thank you for your answer.

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