[pgpool-general: 1676] pgpool on an already existing database

Luiz Eduardo Guida Valmont legvalmont at gmail.com
Fri May 3 03:28:18 JST 2013


I've been studying pgpool and so far I've managed to configure its
replication mode with one server. The problem is I must do that on a
database that already has tons of data and I want to add new nodes; the
initial solution consists of two servers, but more may be needed in the
future. I've tried some googl'ing and bumped into recovery mode. That does
seem to be a possible solution, although it looks a lot more complicated
than I expected. Maybe it is "that simple" and I'm missing something.

Question: how do I go about configuring new nodes from scratch without
affecting clients too much? One quick restart is fine, but being offline
for the duration of a long-initial-data-streaming-process is not.

Any readings / links besides the friendly manual, since I'm reading this
already, are welcome!

Thanks a lot.
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