[pgpool-general: 1670] Re: Pgpool insert_lock not maintaining serial sequences between multiple back ends

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Wed May 1 18:50:30 JST 2013

I have tested replication mode with serial data type. pgpool-II
version is 3.2.3 and PostgreSQL is 9.2. In summary, I couldn't
reproduce your problem. Here is how I tested:

1) set up replication mode environment using pgpool_setup.
   pgpool_setup -m r

   This creates two node replication environment.

2) create pgbench script file.
   $ cat test.sql
   \setrandom j 1 100000
   INSERT INTO t1 VALUES(default, :j);

3) create test table.

4) run pgbench.

   pgbench -p 11002 -n -c 10 -t 100000 -f test.sql test

   This executes insert by 10 clients simultaneously.

5) examin result.

   psql -p 11000 -c "copy (select * from t1 order by i) to '/tmp/s1'" test
   psql -p 11001 -c "copy (select * from t1 order by i) to '/tmp/s2'" test
   cmp /tmp/s1 /tmp/s2

   cmp did not show any difference, out of 100,000 rows.
Tatsuo Ishii
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan
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> We have a test Pgpool system running Pgpool 3.2.3 and Postgres 9.1.
> The configuration is one master postgres and one slave postgres in
> replication mode with load balancing and a separate system running
> pgpool.
> When there are multiple systems that are inserting rows into tables
> that contain a "serial" datatype the values of the serials sometimes
> get different values on the different back end systems.  We have
> enabled insert_lock in the config file and created the insert_lock
> table. According to a debugging trace it appears that inserts to these
> tables are using the insert_lock table to lock a row by the oid of the
> destination table.
> This can be replicated by having 5 instances of clients (Using the
> jdbc postgres driver) to perform 10,000 inserts each to the same table
> at the same time.  We then compare the data on both the master and
> slave system and the serial id's are different for almost 1/2 of the
> 50,000 rows.
> If we do not use the insert_lock table and rely on complete table
> locking we still get a few hundred serial ids that are wrong out of
> the 50,000.
> It seems that the insert_lock option in the configuration file has a
> problem whether we use the insert_lock table or not.
> Thanks for any help on this.
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