[pgpool-general: 1548] pgpool 3.2.3 node gets down after some hours of work.

Dzmitry dzmitry.nikitsin at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 08:10:12 JST 2013

Dear all,

I am using postgres 9.2 with streaming replication. I have 1 master DB and
2 standby DBs, it's hosted on amazon EC2, each has it's own server. On
separate server i have pgpool(3.2.3) that do load balancing(in pgpool
config i have num_init_children=290, max_pool- 2, child_life_time -
0child_max_connections - 100, connection_life_time- 100, client_idle_limit
- 0. do not cache onnections.). Sometimes pgpool show server status as
"down", but actually server is up & running fine, due to this, i am
getting a lot of issues.
Also i have in pgpool config:
health_check_timeout - 60
health_check_period - 30
health_check_max_retries - 3
health_check_retry_delay -5
Also pgpool is not writing log :(
i setup it
log_destination "stderr"
debug_level 0
logdir /var/tmp - i checked permissions it has 777, so it's not the case.
when i start pgpool i start it with "-n" option to let it write log.

Any ideas why server shown as down & where is my logs ?

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